What Are Grades?

Members of CLASP must first obtain a grading in order to compete.

There are 3 grades, Grade 1 being the highest standard and Grade 3 being the entry level standard. Grade 3 is not a grade for learner pipers – some applicants may not achieve this standard when graded.

Competitors will be given a grade for Piobaireachd and/or a grade for Light Music.

After competing in competitions, members may be re-graded if their standard is considered to be in-appropriate for the grade level in which they competed.

How Do I Obtain A Grade?

  1. Submission of a video or audio recording.

    Where recordings are submitted, playing must be on the bagipe and should include:

    1. One complete Piobaireachd if you intend to compete in Piobaireachd competitions and require a Piobaireachd grading.
    2. A March, Strathspey and Reel (The March can be played separately from the Strathspey and Reel) and a Hornpipe and Jig if you intend to compete in Light Music competitions and require a Light Music grading.
      Recordings must be delivered to The National Piping Centre, 30-34 McPhater Street, Glasgow G4 0HW, or by email to and
  2. Audition
    Auditions can be arranged by appointment and will normally take place at The National Piping Centre unless an alternative venue can be arranged.
    At the auditions you will be asked to play as in 1. and 2. above.
  3. Overseas
    North American competitors who have a grading from any ANAPBA organisation need not apply for a grading and may simply submit their current grading. Gradings from other overseas organisations will also be given due consideration.
  4. Notification
    In either case whether you submit a video/audio recoding or take an audition you will be advised of your grading within 14 days.