SPSL CLASP 2015 – Entries

Entries for the Scottish Piping Society of London CLASP are now open and will close on 1st of October.
Please enter online here.

Please note that the Grade 3 Piobaireachd Ground will no longer be allocated points. However, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals award at the prize giving.
This event is open to anyone who is graded 3 for Piobaireachd, and for competitors who are not confident to compete in the full Piobaireachd competition.
This change aligns the Grade 3 competition with all the other grades in relation to balance of points.

SPSL Accommodation

Message from the Scottish Piping Society of London.

We have a discounted rate at the Copthorne Tara again this year, however, the date of the competition coincides with the rugby world cup final in London so the best rate we could get was £170 per night for a twin or double room. They did say they may accommodate triple rooms if requested. The code for booking is SCOI301015 and rooms must be booked before the 18th September.

Northern Meeting CLASP 2015 Draw

Northern Meetings CLASP – Friday 4th September
Competition Venue – Jim Love Studio
(Tuning Rooms – Two changing rooms right beside the JLS)

Starting time 11am

Grade 3 Piobaireachd

  1. Colin Brown (G&F)
  2. Stephen Whitton (G only)
  3. Neil Mitchell (G & F)
  4. Robert Thompson (G & F)

Grade 2 Piobaireachd

  1. Michael McGowan
  2. Janette Greenwood
  3. Gill Cairns

Grade 1 Piobaireachd

  1. Stephen Ross
  2. Kaitlin Kimove
  3. Douglas Maxwell
  4. Michael Graham
  5. Gordon Hislop

Grade 3 Light Music

  1. Robert Thompson

Grade 2 Light Music

  1. Douglas Maxwell
  2. Stephen Ross
  3. Gill Cairns
  4. Michael McGowan
  5. Neil Mitchell
  6. Colin Brown

Grade 1 Light Music

  1. Kaitlin Kimove
  2. Gordon Hislop
  3. Stephen Whitton
  4. Janette Greenwood
  5. Michael Graham

Prize Giving

Worlds Grade 1 CLASP Results

Sean MoloneyMSR
1st Sean Moloney
2nd Mary Wallace
3rd Gordon Hislop

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Michael Graham
2nd Romana Brunner
3rd Mary Wallace

1st Matthew Cornetto
2nd Michael Graham
3rd Sean Moloney

Worlds Grade 2 CLASP Results

Michael McGowan2/4 March
1st Michael McGowan
2nd Gill Cairns
3rd James Carnegie

Strathspey & Reel
1st Michael McGowan
2nd Gill Cairns
3rd James Carnegie

6/8 March
1st Andrea Zingg
2nd Gill Cairns
3rd Colin Brown

1st Michael McGowan
2nd Romana Brunner
3rd Andrea Zingg

Overall Winner Michael McGowan

Worlds Grade 3 CLASP Results

Colin TaylorPiobaireachd
1st Evan Wraga
2nd Colin Taylor
3rd Iain Kirkwood

Ground (only)
1st Colin Taylor
2nd Evan Wraga
3rd James Hanlon

2/4 March
1st Colin Taylor
2nd Karina Huber
3rd Iain Kirkwood

Strathspey / Reel
1st Evan Wraga
2nd Colin Taylor
3rd Karina Huber

1st Robert Thomson
2nd Joris Panis
3rd Karina Huber

Overall Winner – Colin Taylor

Worlds 2015 CLASP Info

Entries are now open for The World Solo Amateur Piping Competition.

The venue is The Trades Hall of Glasgow.
Grade 3 – Tuesday 11th August.
Grade 2 – Wednesday 12th August.
Grade 1 – Thursday 13th August.

Eric and Maureen Stein have kindly continued their wonderful sponsorship of an all expenses paid trip to compete at the amateur section of the Metro Cup in New York! This will be presented to the overall winner of the Grade 1 section.

Judges are as follows:
Grade 3 – Ann Gray
Grade 2 – Willie Morrison
Grade 1 – Wilson Brown

‘The Trades Hall of Glasgow’. Address is 85 Glassford Street, Glasgow, G1 1UH.
There is a secure entrance to the building, and you may need to buzz in and explain that you are competing/visiting the piping competition.
No food is allowed in the building, but you will be in the heart of the city with many food/drink facilities close by. We are also very close to the festival activities, which will be taking place in George Square.

Directions and some information can be found here www.tradeshallglasgow.co.uk/contact
If you are planning on walking to the Trades Halls, Google Maps is a useful link when planning a walking route.

It is worth noting for those of you that are planning on driving to the competition, there is a special deal with the Trades Hall and the NCP Glasshouse Car Park. It will cost £4.50 for up to 24 hours parking in the NCP Glasshouse Car Park. The Trades Hall will validate your yellow ticket to get this special rate.

The order of play is on the CLASP website, facebook page and the National Piping Centre’s website. The exact starting times will be 9.30 am sharp each morning. We will start with the Piobaireachd event. Then there will be a short lunch break and we will resume with the Light Music.

Prize giving
We will do the Grade 3 (Tuesday) and Grade 2 (Wednesday) in the Trades Halls after the competition finishes. On Thursday, the grade 1 results and prize giving will take place outside the National Piping Centre, in the Street Cafe at 6pm. This is where the winner of the all expenses paid trip to the Metro Cup amateur competition will be presented. The CLASP winners for 2014/2015 season will also be presented here with a certificate.

We hope this gives you enough detail to plan ahead, and we look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Worlds CLASP 2015 Draw


9.30am – Grade 3 Piobaireachd (Ground, Full – Own choice)

  1. Neil Mitchell (G&F)
  2. Stewart Allen (G&F)
  3. Evan Wraga (G&F)
  4. Duilio Vigliotti (G&F)
  5. James Hanlon (G&F)
  6. Iain Kirkwood (G&F)
  7. Robert Thomson (G&F)
  8. Karina Huber (G&F)
  9. Colin Brown (G&F)
  10. Colin Taylor (G&F)
  11. Joris Panis (G&F)

After Lunch – Grade 3 Light Music (2/4, S&R, Jig – All own choice)

  1. James Hanlon
  2. Robert Reid
  3. Colin Taylor
  4. Evan Wraga
  5. Karina Huber
  6. Duilio Vigliotti (MSR)
  7. Joris Panis
  8. Robert Thomson
  9. Iain Kirkwood


9.30am – Grade 2 Piobaireachd (Submit 2)

  1. Claus Reiss
  2. Dagmar Pesta R
  3. James Carnegie
  4. Romana Brunner
  5. Michael McGowan
  6. William Wardrope
  7. Robert Wallace
  8. Helen Thomson R
  9. Gill Cairns R
  10. Andrea Zingg
  11. John Campbell
  12. Tom Broderick
  13. George Gordon R

After Lunch – Grade 2 Light Music (2/4 – submit 2, S&R, 6/8 – Own choice)

  1. Douglas Maxwell
  2. Robert Wallace
  3. John Campbell
  4. Helen Thomson
  5. Michael McGowan
  6. Dagmar Pesta
  7. Neil Mitchell
  8. Gill Cairns
  9. Tom Broderick
  10. James Carnegie
  11. Andrea Zingg
  12. George Gordon
  13. Stewart Allen (MSR)
  14. Colin Brown
  15. Claus Reiss


9.30am – Grade 1 Piobaireachd (Submit 2)

  1. Michael Graham
  2. Sean Moloney
  3. Stewart Gaudin
  4. Robert Low
  5. Mary Wallace
  6. Matthew Cornetto
  7. Karen MacLean
  8. Ian Graham
  9. Douglas Maxwell
  10. Gordon Hislop

After Lunch – Grade 1 Light Music (MSR – submit 2 sets, H/J – Own choice)

  1. Ian Graham
  2. Robert Low
  3. Karen Maclean
  4. Sean Moloney
  5. William Wardrope
  6. Matthew Cornetto
  7. Marcus De Vight
  8. David Gatcum (MSR)
  9. Michael Graham
  10. Mary Wallace
  11. Richard Aitken
  12. Stewart Gaudin
  13. Gordon Hislop
  14. Romana Brunner

Northern Meeting CLASP 2015 – Entries

Entries for the Northern Meeting CLASP are now open and will close on 26th of August.
Please enter online here.

Gradings for 2015/2016

CLASP organisers are having a meeting next week to determine gradings. All members will be notified of gradings as soon as possible.
Anyone who has entered in the wrong grade after gradings will be moved accordingly by the organisers.

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